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SOME YEARS AGO when jobs were scarce and the inflationary economy made mortgages tight, a friend was presented with a fantastic opportunity on the opposite coast. His family was excited about the move. He had plans for experiencing a new quality of life. Opportunity was knocking on all doors and windows. Even his exploratory visit presented him with a beautiful new home which he was able to obtain with ease.

Soon after the move, his new employers expressed their delight at the innovative contributions he was making to their organization. Sad to say, when the first weeks of the honeymoon period were over, nothing seemed right. Even the climate of this salubrious region met with disfavor. Everything felt wrong about the move, and my friend was in despair.

During a brief phone talk it became clear that my friend had lost all objectivity related to the move, the job, and his new life. Everything in his previous world was appealing: the inadequate house, the old job, outgrown things and experiences. He was living straight out of subjectivity. He could not see the new with objective eyes, but only through the lens of the past. This unhealthy state of mind was producing a disturbed mental, emotional, and physical environment. And he was wallowing in it. But he began to see that he was being manipulated by old subconscious patterns that were actually taking over his present existence and coloring every aspect of his new life, and this “seeing” enabled him to get a handle on the causation of all his misery. Through recognizing his divine right to enjoy each day as a fresh experience in creativity, my friend was able to dissolve past patterns that were blocking the expression of new ideas and their forms.

Spiritual Mind Treatment dissolved these subjective patterns — time-bombs ready to explode into depression and difficulty. They were defused through a realization that the power and presence of Universal Intelligence had removed all blocks to a fulfilled life.

Frequently when we undertake “new beginnings,” there is the challenge of change. Adaptation to new climates of experience, friends, and colleagues present us with the stress and anxiety of the unknown. In these moments we become vulnerable to unresolved aspects of our past that are circulating in the depths of consciousness. My friend's experience is not uncommon. Most people are unaware of the potential for crisis or cure resident in the unconscious.

For those studying the Science of Mind, a new turn in the state of consciousness is an ever-present possibility. It is a matter of decision and choice. The moment one begins to raise thought to a higher point of view, the energy of Universal Intelligence backs up the effort. Then, recognizing and appreciating one's ability to cooperate with the universal Law of Cause and Effect, old patterns of resistance are removed; a complete acceptance of the forward action of life is realized; the morbid hold of the past is eliminated.

And life moves on in an ordered and beautiful way.

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