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 THE FUNDAMENTAL ASPECT and the fundamental focus of all metaphysical teaching is probably spiritual healing. What, really, is spiritual healing? Most people think of spiritual healing as faith healing, but it is not. Faith healing has to do with an unquestioned belief in some great God “out there” or some vast power — also “out there.” Sometimes it takes the form of a shaman, a person who is empowered to produce extraordinary, magical effects in the world of the person who believes in him. All this is variously called shamanistic healing, psychic healing, or faith healing.

In Africa, the Philippines, and other parts of the world there have been individuals who perform a kind of faith or psychic healing called psychic surgery. In psychic surgery, the operator, usually a medium, appears to perform all kinds of alleged surgery on the so-called etheric body — an aspect of the body that is supposedly above or within the physical body. This is an interesting phenomenon, but it is not spiritual healing as we understand it. There is no element of the rational mind or of the logical consciousness brought into the situation.

Spiritual healing is the restoration of wholeness or wellness to one's experience.

It is recognizing, accepting, and realizing the atmosphere of God, or the perfect spiritual idea of being, in the individual. It removes the toxins of distorted self-acceptance that appear to have separated the person from wholeness.

In the spiritual mind healing process, we do not deal with unquestioned belief in any holy person, religious rite, sacred place or object. We deal directly with the truth of Being. We should understand that Truth is something we perceive and accept as part of the underlying Reality of Life. Spiritual Mind Treatment is the way to neutralize and dissolve inner patterns that bring about outer experiences of disorder, disease, and disturbance of the human condition. Universal Law is the process which brings about health. It is the result of the Law being used in the correct way. Disease is always the result of using the Law of the Creative Process in a distorted way. The inner patterns of consciousness inevitably appear as an outer world of experience.

In spiritual healing you become conscious of the truth that your life is the Life of God, or the Great Spirit. You know that there is an infinite, eternal, ongoing creative Intelligence that moves through a creative process that produced you. It is a human being's destiny to be creative. Much use of the Creative Law is constructive, but too frequently it is negative and destructive.

How can we uncover the essential Truth? Through recognizing, understanding, and appreciating the logic of a primal Harmony. When we perceive the reality of wholeness, then Truth takes over our lives. Mental/spiritual treatment must come after a spiritual awakening. We are the administrators of Truth in our own lives. And Truth is always the sovereign and total remedy for all apparent difficulties, problems — and, yes, in harmony.

The magnificent ancient Chinese classic
I Ching, or Book of Changes, makes a penetrating statement: “Even a single passion still lurking in the heart has power to obscure reason.” A single distorted opinion, or belief and acceptance, can express as an attitude or way of relating to life that will cover the Truth within and adulterate the purity of the Mind-force within the individual. We are all splendid entities through which the Power and Presence of Truth called the Great Spirit can flow and express Itself."

What follows can be called seven essentials in the practice of Spiritual Mind Healing. I am not describing the treatment technique but seven essentials that you can incorporate in your thinking before you practice Spiritual Mind Treatment. Then you will move from “faith” healing, or a blind belief comprised of hope and fear, to confidence, assurance, and a state of mind that says “Yes” to life.

Number One: The recognition of a personal union with the Divine Spirit.

You can't escape this truth, because it is what you have come from and where you function and exist both now and always.


Number Two: There can be no compromises, no negotiations with so-called evil.

Evil means denial of good. It is the negative and destructive use of thoughts, feelings, and emotions that must be dissolved.


Number Three: Face up to your shortcomings.

This is absolutely essential. Your shortcomings are the illogical and irrational experiences of states of consciousness and feeling. Don't gloss over things and situations. Face them. Take time to observe yourself in relationship to everyone and everything.


Number Four: Don't fight the negatives or evil, Realize Truth.

By knowing the Truth, you get rid of mental entanglements and blocks such as anger, resentment, grudges, jealousies, etc.


Number Five: Practice continued self-examination.

Observe your mood swings and states of thought and feeling. These are the guideposts for self-work. They are describing areas of vulnerability to negative belief systems.


Number Six: Don't look outside for the source of your problems.

Don't blame, but look within yourself for causes of outer distress. Realize and state that there are no enemies in your world and no battles to be undertaken. Look within yourself and address yourself to whatever patterns may exist to be dissolved in treatment. As you neutralize the cause, you will get rid of the disordered effects.


Number Seven: See internal negatives as simply inversions of good.

Don't be fearful and don't get angry. Face these “inversions” honestly. Then perceive the Truth in which you recognize and affirm the good. Then you will understand that good comes from the great Source of all Life within you. Through this practice you appropriate and distribute spiritual power.

So it is up to you. The time is always favorable. It is never too late or too early to begin. Power is there. Wholeness is there. They are the very essence of your being. And the techniques of Spiritual Mind Treatment are easily learned. As you progress, you will begin to feel empowered. You will become your own shaman, as it were. You will become your own means of internal and external change or transformation.

Then you will begin to experience spiritual healing every day of your life.

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