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Outline for living.

TO LIVE dynamically one must have a philosophy and a plan: a way of life that contributes to a sense of purpose. When it is based on the idea that all living beings express a universal intelligence, we are moving in a Reality direction.

The religious experience is always functioning at the level of the subconscious. In our study we try to make the subconscious conscious. We “work” to be open and receptive to the flow of the Unconscious Energy as a conscious action. We can direct the Divine Energy because it is not something we have to apply to ourselves. It is something that already exists in us. But it must be elicited or drawn forth out of ourselves.We need to see life from this divine perspective. It is true vision, not just a limited view of the material universe.

This spiritual seeing brings not only a corrective to the human experience, but a healing. Looking at the universe and seeking for answers on a purely materialistic level brings only a temporary change or action. If you want a permanent change, you must look for a spiritual solution to your problems.

People are victimized by their belief structures. Thoughts and feelings about a situation determine the quality of that situation in your life. Mere beliefs often create problems and difficulties. Whether an experience is going to be a tragedy or an opportunity for growth and development depends on the state of an individual's consciousness.

Here is a brief Outline for Living:

» Live in the conscious recognition of the universal Principle of Life.

» Realize that consciousness is the essence and the basis for all experience. It is the Reality in you expressing as you and your world.

» Recognize that the spiritual you, the essential you, the true idea of you is whole, pure, perfect, complete. This recognition opens your consciousness to the healing power of Truth.

» Intuition is God in you. When you understand this, then intuition directs you from within and can guide your every experience. Often you will get a feeling: do this, not that; go here, not there. This is the God-action operating as an innate intelligence through you. Get inspired by this idea, fired by it, enthusiastic about this wonder-potential within you.

» All concepts of lack and limitation must go. Lack of any kind is a wrong use of the universal Law of Limitless Supply. It means that you have not understood the Creative Principle. It means that you have an erroneous view of yourself, life, and your potential experience.

» You draw from Life what you think into it. So take charge of your thinking. Right thinking is perceiving from the altitude of Truth. Thought uses the Creative Principle in you, which is subconscious mind. It is the creative energy within that responds to your mental states and feelings.

» To be true to yourself, assert That in you which is the Infinite Consciousness.

You can make your life bountiful, blissful, and blessed through this Outline for Living.

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