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SPIRITUAL THINKING today is an accepted state of mind. The average person does not consider a spiritual adherent as a strange mystic or paranoid adventurer into the unknown. True, many sects, cults, and gurus have occupied the world scene and the minds of the millions, staking their ground outside the norms of life. Yet there seems to be a shallowness to the supposed in-reaches of Mind and Spirit by the popularized methods and sects of the swamis, masters, and modern-day arhats.

Surely the time has come for solid thinking about the Erhards, Muktanandas, and Rajneeshes. These “Bhagavans” and their many ersatz copies are marketing age-old truths as though they were novelties, in our outlandish times. Often they hit the crises of the moment, collectively experienced or personally expressed as anxiety, superstress, and desolation of spirit.

Isn't it time that the spiritual seekers and surveyors of Promised Lands awakened to an essential truth: God is not new, but old; Truth is not a creation, but a revelation through each person; awakening is not “there” in a special person called a guru or in a special, communal, environment, but here and now and everywhere — if one truly wants it.

But most people seek excuses and various alibis for their lives or fears or experiences. Few will understand that what happens to you happens through you and always as you in some unique way.

Correction and change come about only through the brave mind. The challenge of existence is profound and life-threatening. The way to bring about an improved experience is through the consciousness that sees Spirit as underlying everyone and everything right now. The task is to face up to the suggestions and attacks of the so-called human experience and race consciousness while demolishing the very foundations of evil, or error, with a fresh inspiration from the On-High Within.

Life is not a gift to those who will not accept the reality of themselves. To them it becomes an arduous journey through “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.” Truly it sounds like “a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury.” It then becomes understandable that the sensitive soul or the frightened furies of consciousness reject Life entirely or in part and rest in soporific security while cradled by the teachers and the communities that hold these unfortunates in the embrace of words like “commitment,” “being with it,” or devotion, enlightenment, liberation, and deliverance.

But all of this only echoes a shallow sound that mimics something greater and deeper and more profound: the penetration of Being in spiritual understanding and experience of the simple and direct relationship that we enjoy, under Law, with Reality.

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