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Spiritual Healing: A Simple Guide for the Healing of Body, Mind and Spirit
The Ten Demandments Of Prosperity
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What is spiritual healing?
What is spiritual mind treatment?
How to keep spiritually fit.
How to find and use your inner power.
Learn how to break the barriers.
Subjectivity versus objectivity.
Discover depth spirituality as a transforming experience.
Outline for living.

In this book, Dr. Grayson teaches you the steps to finding great abundance and prosperity in your life.

You can purchase a copy of The Ten Demandments Of Prosperity online, by going to either or and doing a keyword search, by author, for Stuart Grayson; or a keyword search, by title, for The Ten Demandments Of Prosperity. It is available in many bookstores and libraries, as well as bookstores found at New Thought churches, such as Unity and Religious Science.

"This stimulating book clearly presents sound and workable principles by which anyone can have a more successful and happier life. The book tells how convincingly."

Norman Vincent Peale

"Anyone who seeks the path to acquiring wealth and the true riches of life will find his way lighted by this book. Stuart Grayson's wise insights on mental powers and their relationship to individual achievement are invaluable. His Ten Demandments reveal the truth that prosperity is freely available to anyone who learns to use his God-given abilities."

W. Clement Stone

"The Ten Demandments of Prosperity is dynamic! I prophesy that the book shall become one of the classics on prosperity. The personal conviction and written testimony of its author, who knows and lives the ways of the more abundant life, make this an inspiring work."

Blaine C. Mays, President
International New Thought Alliance

A much-needed fresh approach. Intriguing, challenging, and extremely practical.

Carleton Whitehead, President; Religious Science International

. . . His fresh, logical approach to an age-old problem is sure to be a big assist to anyone who studies it, regardless of their financial status.

H. Fred Vogt, President; United Church of Religious Science

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