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The Book Spiritual Healing Is A Practical Guide For All Who Seek Alternative Therapies

The Thirteen Principles

Introduction To Spiritual Healing

Specific Examples Of Spiritual Healing Experiences

My Personal Journey

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“From one of America’s leading healers comes a vivid insight into the potential within everyone to be healthy. This book demystifies what healers do and is a valuable contribution to the understanding of spiritual healing.” (Larry Dossey, M.D.; author of Toxic Prayer, Prayer is Good Medicine, Healing Words and Recovering The Soul)

“Dr. Grayson has written a book of exceptional clarity. It is a sane, practical, and rewarding guide. Anyone who works with these ideas will find them inspiring and a powerful resource for constructive and healthful living.” (Guillermo M. Seco, M.D.; Gouverneur Hospital, New York City Health And Hospitals Corporation)

Spiritual Healing can be a very useful and practical book for those in search of and who understand true healing.” (Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.; author of Love, Medicine, & Miracles)

“Mostly the book is a primer of spiritual principles and their applications. Beginning with unarguable concepts such as, principally, “The Universe Is One,” Grayson leads readers through a series of arguments that shows how they can affect their health and happiness by improving their connection to that universal oneness.” (Patricia Monaghan’s review in Booklist; published by the American Library Association)

The Thirteen Principles

Spiritual Healing, Dr. Grayson identifies the thirteen principles that are the backbone of all self-healing. “Everything we need to live a happy, whole, satisfied life is inside us.” In this book, Dr. Grayson explains how spiritual healing can bring about a positive revolution in both the consciousness and the body.

Principle 1: The Universe is One.

As we examine life, we begin to recognize a oneness, a single reality, in the universe. We can say that there is one God, one Life, one Mind, one Power, one Presence, one divine Nature. It is around us and within us, behind us and moving through us at all times. It is not static. It expresses itself as dynamic energy, and we see it throughout the material universe. The universe is a single reality. We understand it as one primal consciousness ever expressed through law.

Principle 2: Creativity, Wholeness, and Harmony are the Foundation.

The next important concept to grasp is that the single reality of the universe is positive, it is good. The spirit of life is a creative, beneficent, constructive power or it would not have been able to bring about man with his potential to be creative and constructive. Creativity, wholeness, and harmony are the foundation of all that is. Any other concept would contradict what we see as the one-life principle.

Principle 3: Each Person's Potential for Creativity is Limitless.

Each one of us is part of the universal Mind. We are individualizations of the one Mind, part of the whole, expressing the whole. As such, our potential for creativity, wholeness and harmony is limitless.

Principle 4: Life Occurs on Three Levels.

Life, existence, occurs on three levels: the Absolute or fathomless unconscious, the subconscious, and the conscious.

Principle 5: The Physical World is a World of Effects.

The world of conditions, the physical, material world we experience every day, is a world of effects and only apparent causes. It is a world of ups and downs.

Principle 6: The Universe Operates in an Orderly Way.

The universe is forever evolving and unfolding. We see it as an orderly, systematic presentation of life. We are all products of this order, and we can allow this system of intelligence to operate creatively in our lives. There appears to be an intelligence principle in the universe. It is unconsciousness, a constructive, evolving action, and it is always being expressed. It is the very nature of the universe. It is a creative, intelligence force that is forever moving or unfolding itself.

Principle 7: The Universe Responds to our Thoughts.

The universe responds to the energy of our thoughts. The basis of spiritual healing is the operation of an Infinite Mind that functions as law that responds to our thoughts or consciousness. There is a Mind in the universe that operates as law and responds to your thinking always and you can't escape it.

Principle 8: The Universal Mind is a Receiver.

The universal Mind is a receiver of what we think, as well as a responder. It is also a creator. What we think or feel goes through our consciousness and impacts that universal Mind. Similarly, ideas can pass from the universal Mind into our individual conscious awareness.

Principle 9: All Things are Expressions of Consciousness.

Everything in the world is an expression of conscious and subconscious thought patterns, influenced by deep unconscious impulses. The objective side is always the expression of a subjective pattern. The physical, material world is always a painting or representation of what we are in the mental, emotional, and inner spiritual world. We use the principle of intelligence through our consciousness and thinking.

Principle 10: You Have the Power to Choose.

We need to understand that we exist in a law that is absolute freedom that is always expressing limitless life. We are created to choose. We are free to change our minds and to select or change our consciousness.

Principle 11: All Physical Conditions Reflect Consciousness.

Now you can begin to see that all physical conditions reflect consciousness and our personal states of consciousness. Everything is first a spiritual idea — a pattern in the universe — before it is manifest as matter.

Principle 12: Spiritual Treatment Changes Our World by Changing Consciousness.

Spiritual healing brings about changes in our world of experience by changing consciousness from negative to positive, from distorted belief systems to openness to the wholeness that can move through us if we do not block it.

Principle 13: We Must Not Focus Outside for Our Good.

Don't live your life at the level of expectancy of other people. Create your own expectancy of good. Assert your individuality. You must accept the responsibility of running your life. Blessings are the result of your own spiritual work. Learn to look within for power and not outside of yourself for authority. Do not allow outside forces to be the major influence in your life.

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Introduction to Spiritual Healing

It is your divine right to be whole,
happy, comfortable, and self-expressed.

There is an ever-present power and beneficence in the universe, and you can experience it. All you need do is recognize that this power exists and open yourself to the essential goodness and rightness of the universe. Spiritual healing is for everyone — people who are ill, people who are well, people whose loved ones are disturbed or troubled by physical or emotional problems, people who want to help others, people interested in alternative therapies — all can be helped by the techniques that lead to spiritual healing. This book is for everyone, old or young, rich or poor, no matter who they are or where they come from.

No one on earth has to settle for anything that prevents them from being their best self. And most remarkably, everything we need to experience power in our lives, power that can transform disturbed, dysfunctional, even diseased bodies, lies within us. In other words, everything we need to live a happy, whole, satisfied, fulfilled life is inside us. Each of us is born with the talent to heal ourselves and bring about wholeness in every aspect of our lives. Spiritual healing is not some divine fiat or special dispensation, blessing one but not another. Healing is for everyone. It is an essential action, a natural result of the way the universe functions when we use it correctly. All we need to do is recognize this dynamic truth about life.

Heaven is within us right now, all the time, and we experience it to the degree that we recognize this and make it a conscious fact or a conscious act.

The problems that confront us in daily life are not caused by outside forces, however much they may seem to be. It is our inner patterns, expressed through the negative actions and reactions of life, that create the disorders that plague us. We can see that these disorders are produced by ignorance. They are caused by anger and resentment, fear and hatred, confusion and anxiety. Often our disorders are caused by mistaken suggestions that someone close to us gives us and that we believe to be the truth. With the best of intentions, a friend or loved one may tell us we are weak, incapable, selfish or nervous or look ill.

If we believe what this person says, we will indeed experience the feelings or state they attributed to us. As infants we are dependent upon our parents for our care. This orientation toward a dependency on outside authority tends to stay with us throughout our lives unless we make a conscious effort to become responsible for our own existence.
We give our lives away and lose our autonomy because of the pattern of dependency formed in early life. Dependence on others for our self-worth and definition is really a form of ignorance, which can cause fear, anxiety, depression, distress, and disease.

We must each live our own life, not the life someone else expects of us or wants for us. We must recognize that our problems and disorders come from within us and are not caused by someone else. Negative emotions that we feel can be truly destructive cataclysms in our experience. They block the forward movement of life. But when we recognize that these emotions are ours to direct and control, our individuality, our ego, is strengthened in a positive way. We can feel strong and secure in a healthy way, without our ego becoming dangerously inflated. And always there is something fundamental within each of us that is already part of a universal wholeness, a universal good. It creates continually as universal law.

When we live as we were created to live — consciously and with self-direction — we find new power in our lives. The healing, transforming action of our minds, and the universal Mind, is seen through tangible experience. We are healed, spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, and physically.

Spiritual healing can occur in any aspect of your life. Healing can be of the mind, body, emotions or circumstances surrounding you; relationships, work, finances, life goals.

This healing belongs to all of us, and it is within our grasp. Spiritual healing does not promise that anything and everything can be changed at any time. Not everyone will experience a complete healing. The premise of spiritual healing is valid, but its application to human experience is different. It appears to work more immediately and completely for some people than for others. I believe this is due largely to the person's state of mind and receptivity to the ideas.

Nonetheless, everyone benefits to at least some degree from the techniques of spiritual healing. At the very least, you will gain a broader, larger view of life and of yourself, and you will live with much greater hope and with positive, constructive thinking that comes from spiritual understanding. You will receive an empowerment in your state of mind and thus in your affairs. Some people experience very dramatic effects.

When you use the techniques of spiritual healing explained in Spiritual Healing, you will get a sense of the truth of existence.

Gradually you will begin to see that you were created to be whole, healthy, fulfilled, and happy. As you come to understand and accept your spiritual nature, a realization of this truth will dawn in your consciousness. Because Truth is the foundation of life, it is present everywhere and the all-power within you. It operates through a subconscious mental law and reacts to every thought and feeling you have. So our negative and positive concepts and reactions have definite repercussions in our life experience. It is because of this mental law of reaction. This is why you will learn to turn away from the disturbing facts while you undertake spiritual healing therapy. If you do not, you will keep reaffirming the problem in the very energy field that caused it to form or sustains it in your life.

As we see that Truth is omnipotent (why we use the term as a synonym for the Higher Power, God, Great Spirit, the Intelligence that pervades the universe), we can understand that it must be greater and more powerful than any objective or subjective human experience. Here we have the precise reason why you can experience healing even when you are just starting out on this new road, feeling powerless, and understanding only a small part of the process.

When you begin to recognize and affirm the truth about yourself, you are aligning your consciousness with something greater than anything that can confront or challenge your well-being.

It is this Power — the infinite Force and Source beyond human perception — that can liberate us from any experience of disorder and distress. You have opened yourself consciously to the healing experience. Further, you may experience healing even as you read Spiritual Healing, before you become proficient at the technique outlined.

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Specific Examples Of
Spiritual Healing Experiences

In the course of my work over three decades, I have seen the incredible power of spiritual healing transform the lives, bodies and circumstances of thousands of people. I would like to share a few examples of these demonstrations of spiritual healing I have seen in my work.

An Occluded Artery Clears

A man from the Southwest experienced a striking demonstration of spiritual healing in autumn of 1994. This man was diagnosed with a 70 percent occlusion of the carotid artery. Doctors believed that surgery would be needed. Before scheduling the surgery, the man arranged to take a month for concentration on spiritual treatment. He asked me to do treatment work to support him in this decision, while he also treated for himself.

He later wrote me a joyous letter in which he reported that when he was reexamined by his doctor the occlusion in his artery was reported as being reduced to 30 to 35 percent, and his heart and nervous system checked out very well. He did not need surgery or medication, and no physical restrictions were placed upon him. All he was asked to do was maintain a sensible diet.

A Growth on a Wrist Dissolves in Puerto Rico

An MD and several registered nurses witnessed with me a remarkable and spontaneous action of spiritual healing in a student of mine at my seminar in Dorado, Puerto Rico. This student had a growth on her wrist that was of long duration. The woman had numerous medical examinations, and the doctors wanted to operate to remove the growth. They warned her, however, that the surgery could fuse her wrist. My student did not want to take that risk. Believing that her wrist could be healed through spiritual treatment work, she attended the seminar in Dorado.

On the third day of the seminar, we were having a meditation period. I was treating in my usual way and repeated, not for this woman in particular, Jesus' command to a man with a withered hand, “Stretch forth thy hand,” after which, it is reported in the
Bible, the man's hand was restored to health. Suddenly I heard a scream. I quickly ended the treatment. There was my student, staring at her wrist. The growth was gone, dissolved. There was nothing remaining but some wrinkled skin where the growth had been. Her wrist was perfectly normal.

A Classroom Healing of the Throat

Just recently a woman in one of my classes gave a report about a growth she had on her vocal cords. She was told by her doctor that surgery would be necessary to remove the growth. The woman reported that after two weeks of spiritual treatment, she returned to the doctor and was advised that the growth had disappeared.

A Case of Epstein-Barr Syndrome

A nurse-administrator's long-term illness was eventually diagnosed as Epstein-Barr syndrome. She was suffering from extreme fatigue and other related ills so severe that she could not work. Medical doctors were unable to help her. A physician at the hospital where she was employed suggested that she listen to tapes of my lectures and classes, which he gave her. She took his advice and followed a regimen of listening to my tapes and soon gained enough energy to attend the Sunday meetings at Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center, New York City. To the amazement of everyone who knows her, the woman recovered complete health quickly and has suffered no further symptoms of Epstein-Barr. Her doctor reported the case to me.

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My Personal Journey

I came to the work I do now as the result of a spontaneous healing experience that occurred in my own life when I was younger. Throughout my entire childhood I suffered from severe respiratory difficulties. The simple act of breathing, which most people take for granted, was often a struggle for me. For the first fifteen years of my life I was constantly ill. If I managed to be up and on my feet for several weeks, I would soon find myself back in bed again.

I never knew what it meant to be able to relax and have fun playing with friends. Sports and other childhood pursuits were out of the question. So was normal schooling. Since my attendance at school was always being interrupted, I had to have private tutoring. On top of this, I had severe allergies. To keep going, I was dependent on medication, including two injections daily and a restricted diet. This kept me functioning, but I was mentally and physically depleted almost continually.

Despite expert medical care, life was a constant struggle and a constant hardship. Then, at age fifteen, something happened that completely transformed my life. I experienced a spiritual awakening, a breakthrough in consciousness and understanding that resulted in a complete physical healing and a complete renewal of my life.

I no longer needed pills or injections or diets. In the space of one day I was cured, completely well for the first time in my life. My father, who was a medical doctor, was a witness to what happened and later publicly attested to this so-called miracle. From that day on, my life became a constant search for meaning, for an answer to what had really happened to me. I began what has become a lifetime journey and a lifetime quest for spiritual knowledge and spiritual understanding.

This journey has led me to study with some of the foremost spiritual and religious thinkers of the century, both of the East and of the West. It has led me to the works of the great metaphysical thinkers, including Ernest Holmes, who wrote the classic,
The Science of Mind. Ultimately, it has led me to the ministry. I have been a minister in the Religious Science movement for the past thirty-one years.

Daily during those years, I have worked with the techniques of spiritual healing and seen them succeed time after time.

When you say “Yes,” life can become a wonderful adventure. But more than that, you are working with a limitless Power or Energy that can renew, revivify, and even regenerate your physical body. My own life is a testimonial to what happens when you think in a spiritual and life-changing way. You will move forward into a greater, more fulfilled, healthier experience.

I have written this book to share my understanding with you so that you, too, may learn to accept the good in life; and achieve the peace, health, fulfillment, and joy of spiritual healing.

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You can purchase a copy of
Spiritual Healing, online, by going to either or and doing a keyword search, by author, for Stuart Grayson; or a keyword search, by title, for Spiritual Healing. It is available in many bookstores and libraries, as well as bookstores found at New Thought churches, such as Unity and Religious Science.

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