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Introducing Dr. Stuart Grayson

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Spiritual Healing: A Simple Guide for the Healing of Body, Mind and Spirit
The Ten Demandments Of Prosperity
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Dr. Stuart Grayson was a leading authority in the area of mental and spiritual self-development. He was a Minister and Director of the Center of Creative Living and Pastor of First Church of Religious Science in New York. He then became Pastor Emeritus in 1999. A renowned speaker, he was a frequent lecturer on the Science of Mind across the United States and abroad. He spoke weekly at Alice Tully Hall in New York’s Lincoln Center for thirty years. Many thousands of people have attended his lectures which explained how the principles of health, prosperity, and fulfillment may be used in their lives.

After experiencing a dramatic physical healing at an early age through spiritual means, Dr. Grayson devoted much of his time to the study of world religions. He personally investigated eastern and western spiritual philosophies and psychologies, practicing various methods of self-awareness. He studied at the Jung Institute in Switzerland and particularly with the world-renowned Dr. Carl Alfred Meier, co-founder of the Institute. As a result of his spiritual quest, Dr. Grayson affiliated himself with Religious Science and was a minister for 35 years.

Once active in the business world, Dr. Grayson was a corporate executive for many years. His conviction about the need to bring a practical spiritual philosophy to as many people as possible guided him into the full-time ministry. He soon became widely known and respected for his presentation of spiritual psychology and philosophy.

He was both author and poet, and his writings have been published in the U.S., Europe, South America, and Asia. Dr. Grayson appeared on a weekly television series, “Creative Living,” which he produced for the New York area. He also produced and appeared on a weekly talk-radio program in New York for several years.

His most recent book is Spiritual Healing: A Simple Guide for the Healing of Body, Mind, and Spirit. He also published Collected Essays of Stuart Grayson and The Ten Demandments of Prosperity. He was the first author in the modern metaphysical movement to be honored by The New York Post, the only major evening newspaper in New York City. This was four full-page excerpts from his book Spiritual Healing which appeared on four consecutive days in 1998.

His work has been praised by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Mr. W. Clement Stone, Dr. Larry Dossey, Dr. Lawrence LeShan, Dr. Bernie Siegel, and others in the spiritual, business, and medical fields. He has received recognition from two presidents of the United States, two New York state governors, and three mayors of the City of New York.

Dr. Grayson conducted an ongoing seminar/workshop for professionals in the helping fields at a prominent medical facility in New York City.


Dr. Stuart Grayson Was A Leading Authority On Mental And Spiritual Self-Development

Through his various appearances worldwide, Dr. Grayson gave thousands insight into the principles of health, prosperity, and fulfillment.

Dr. Stuart Grayson Was An Established Author Whose Work Has Been Published Internationally

Among his writings are The Ten Demandments of Prosperity and The Collected Essays of Dr. Stuart Grayson, and Spiritual Healing: A Simple Guide for the Healing of Mind, Body and Spirit.

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