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Dr. Stuart Grayson moved through transition on July 12, 2001.

While Dr. Grayson is no longer available to respond to phone, mail, or e-mail messages, please enjoy reading his helpful words and monthly treatments throughout this website.

A Message From Dr. Stuart Grayson...

We live in a complicated world, and sometimes it seems we are beset by insurmountable problems. We worry about making ends meet, finding or keeping a good job in an uncertain economy, getting along with family and friends, battling illness, dealing with the effects of stress, handling a divorce, paying off debts.

We worry about pollution and global warming and world peace. Sometimes it seems as if our problems are overwhelming. Some people try to escape their problems by fleeing into workaholism, alcohol or drugs, or exercising too much. Some try to elevate their mood with Prozac or other prescriptions. Some try meditation or self-help books. Some seek help from psychological or medical practitioners.

But life does not have to be that way. There is another way to approach life, to make every day a wonderful adventure instead of a disaster.

Please feel free to explore this Web site for answers to your own needs; and let me know what additional information you might be seeking, so we can add it to our ever-evolving site.


Dr. Stuart Grayson


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